Aug. 12 2020

Hope everyone is healthy and happy this summer. We’re really looking forward to the snow, however we’re not entirely sure what this winter will hold for Snowboard Yukon. As the pieces fall into place we will be in contact with you through our email newsletter. Join the mailing list by clicking the button on the left.

Unfortunately there will not be any Snowboard Yukon trampoline training this fall. Stay tuned for possible winter trampoline sessions. We encourage you to check out the programs offered through Polarettes Gymnastic Club if you would like to get into the gym.

The Comp Team are headed back to the gym late August for Strength & Conditioning and yoga. Due to COVID limitations, this program is only available to past Comp Team members and is currently full.

If you would like to discuss your snowboard training plans, please feel free to contact the Technical Director,

Plan to attend the Snowboard Yukon Annual General Meeting. Date TBD soon!

New hats are on the way! Follow us on Facebook/Instagram for updates.