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Officials Course
Date: Thursday, Feb. 21
Location: Sport Yukon Boardroom
Register Online: SnowReg.com


Lost In Paradise ParaWorld Cup and Festival
Date: Mar. 25-29, 2024
Location: Mt. Sima
Register Online: as a Volunteer


Yukon Champs
Date: Mar. 29-31, 2024
Location: Mt. Sima
Register Online: SnowReg.com


Date: April 6, 2024
Location: Mt. Sima
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2023/24 Memberships
Early Bird Pricing: until Oct. 31, 2023
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2023/24 Dryland Programs

Strength & Conditioning + Yoga

Now open to Comp Team, Freeriders and Shredders!

Strong, fit snowboarders achieve their goals more quickly and are less susceptible to injury. Sessions are planned and lead by the Northern Strength Academy.

Yoga is practiced to build strength and balance, and to improve flexibility. Yoga also helps to develop good breathing technique and mental focus. This class directly follows the Strength & Conditioning session. We are pleased to practice with Michelle Eshpeter!

When: Wednesdays, Aug 23, 2023 – Feb 28, 2024, excluding holidays (25 sessions)
Time: 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Where: Northern Strength Academy, 202 Strickland, Whitehorse
Fee: Fall $660, Spring $300, Full Season $960

  • A current Compete Membership is required to participate in this program. It will automatically be added if you do not have one.
Register for S&C + Yoga Now (links to SnowReg)

Registration opens August 17, 2023 at 9:00 AM


Trampoline training is not currently available.